Club ride - Glenbervie to Ngunguru

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8 Feb 2015

Club Ride Sunday 15 February 2015
Glenbervie to Ngunguru through Glenbervie forest
8:55am Ride Briefing
9am Ride Start

- Meet at Glenbervie forest HQ (Maruata Rd) by tree adventures  
- Group ride, ridden at the pace of the slowest rider. 
- Explore the depths of Glenbervie forest on gravel & dirt roads and enjoy the expansive coastal views.
- There are hills please contact the ride leader if you have questions about the route. (similar to the old last chance route)
- Group BBQ for lunch at Ngunguru.
- From this point you can ride back by road (20km approx to Whangarei) or through the forest (2.5-3hrs approx each way). 
- If not riding back please organise a pickup from Ngunguru. (call ride leader to sort ride shearing)

- Your bike in good working order
- Money for Food and Drinks at Ngunguru (there is a takeaway store, dairy and cafe, or BYO sandwiches!)
- Mountain biking essentials (spare tubes, pump, tools, phone etc to suit your bike) as we will be a long way from any public roads and will take many hours to walk out if you don't have spares.

Steve 027 4394987 for further details & confirm attendance